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Editorial Contacts


Ashraf Sobhy SABER

Department of Anatomy and Embryology,
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Sadat City,
Sadat City, EGYPT

Mobile: 0123773350



Members of the advisory board

Prof. Dr. Christoph Muelling (Germany)
Prof. Dr. Christiane Pfarrer (Germany)
Prof. Dr. Fred Sinowatz (Germany)
Prof. Dr. Johanne Plendl (Germany)
Prof. Dr. Karl Dietrich Weyrauch (Germany)
Prof. Dr. Larry Freeman (USA)
Prof. Dr. Mohamed El Sakhawy (Egypt)
Prof. Dr. Nicola Mirabella (Italy)
Prof. Dr. Rudolf Leiser (Germany)
Prof. Dr. Robert Henry (USA)
Prof. Dr. Sanaa Mokhtar (Egypt)
Prof. Dr. Safwat Ragab (Egypt)
Prof. Dr. Tom Caceci (USA)
Prof. Dr. Yoshiharu Hashimoto (Japan)